Dean’s message

Warmly welcome distinguished guests, pupils, undergraduate and graduate students to the Faculty of Environmental Sciences, VNU University of Science, Vietnam National University.

Faculty of Environmental Sciences (FES) was established in 1995, as the first educational organization which educate in environmental sciences in Vietnam. Through one fourth of the century of founding and development, with the lead of the faculty board and solidary contributions of staffs and members during periods, FES has solid developed. Now the number of FES staffs is more than 50, including 2 full professors, 12 associate professors, 35 doctors, 14 masters-PhD students …, 85% of lecturers have doctor degrees.

FES has high-quality, experienced, enthusiastic and friendly lecturers and staffs. Besides that, FES also has many passionate collaborations in training and researching activities from lecturers, employers inside and outside of VNU University of Science.

At present, FES managing programs for undergraduate and postgraduate in Environmental Sciences (Environmental Science, Environmental management, Environmental ecology and sustainable development), Environmental Technology and Engineering, Soil Science (Soil Science, Soil management and usage). FES ensure that the core values of graduated students are knowledge solid, enthusiastic at work, active, innovative and applicability of knowledge into the society, with almost all students can get a job after graduation.

The missions of FES are training at undergraduate and post graduate levels, researching and transferring science and engineering in the field of environmental sciences, environmental protection and suitable usage of natural resources to contribute to sustainable development. 

In this period, we have seen significant competitions between domestic and international training institutes and universities in the field of environmental sciences. This requires FES lecturers and staffs always updating, researching to catch developing trends of the field in the new period; enhancement of collaborations with potential domestic and international partners to innovate lecturing activities, investigating novel research gap, giving more opportunities for learners to research exchange, gaining more updating knowledge, having advance studying environment to improve their competitive ability after graduation.

At FES, guests, undergraduate and post-graduate students, learners will be educated, researched and worked in a friendly environment, academic freedom, modern laboratories system, active young league, club and supporting conditions for promoting learners’ innovative abilities to gain excellent achievements in learning, lecturing and researching activities.

Learners can have more opportunities to do fieldtrip, study the natural resources, environmental protection at provinces across the country; together with discovering natural beauty through fieldtrip at every studying years, studying programs.

Especially, with the international collaborations between FES with partners from high-ranking / high-reputation universities, students can have a lot of opportunities to study, work with international experts at FES and also more chances to study abroad.

We strongly believe that it is a really good choice to study, research and work at FES. We are very happy if we can help and support you to make your dreams of environmental protection come true and you will become our friendly colleagues in near future.

We are ready to welcome you to visit, to do research, to study and to work at FES, VNU University of Science, Vietnam National University.




Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Manh Khai