Department of Soil Resource and Environment

(Field trip – K60&61 Soil science)


Department of Pedology, established in 1966, was one of the oldest departments within Faculty of Biology, Hanoi University. Since 1995, the department has become a constituent of Faculty of Environmental Science, VNU University of Science, Vietnam National University, Hanoi and it was renamed as the Department of Pedology and Soil Environmentand was renamedas the Department of Soil Resource and Environment in 2017.The department is a comprehensive academic department conducting research and offering training programs on Soil Science, Soil Environment and Soil Remediationat both undergraduate and graduate levels. Strengthened by links with other institutes and universities, its forward-looking strategy is to address various issues in relation to soil and agriculture. Looking to the future, the department will continue to develop and broaden its research and education, build links between research, practice and education.


To deliver high quality source of human resources, an advanced education program (based on output standard) has been implemented. After graduation, students can work on fields of soil and water environments; agriculture and forestry; land use planning; soil protection and reclamation… 

Students of the Soil Science program are promoted by providing special scholarship grant and supporting other services during the courses.


Annually, the department staff publish 1 – 2 textbooks, 3 – 4 papers in ISI journal list, 15 – 20 papers in domestic scientific journals; participate in scientific boards on agriculture, environment and related issues at all levels. Besides, students are promoted to do research and present results in annual conferences. 


The department of Pedology and Soil Environment has establishedpartnership with: Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment; Ministry of Science and Technology; Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development; Vietnam Soil and Fertilizers Research Institute, National Institute of Agricultural Planning and Projection, Hanoi University of Agriculture, Water Resources University, Vietnam Forestry University, Thai Nguyen University… Some of these partners will also offer job opportunities for the excellent students graduated from the department.


Assoc. Frof. Nguyen Ngoc Minh – Head of the department ([email protected])

Assoc. Frof. Le Van Thien – Vice Dean, Faculty of Environmental Sciences ([email protected])

Assoc. Frof. Le Duc ([email protected])

Assoc. Frof. Tran Khac Hiep ([email protected])

Frof. Nguyen Xuan Cu ([email protected])

Assoc. Frof. Ngo Thi Tuong Chau ([email protected])    

Dr. Nguyen Ngan Ha ([email protected])

MSc. Nguyen Quoc Viet ([email protected])

Dr. Tran Thi Tuyet Thu ([email protected])

MSc.Nguyen Xuan Huan ([email protected])

BS.Dao Thi Hoan ([email protected])

BSc.Pham Thi Ha Nhung ([email protected])

BSc.Pham Van Quang ([email protected])



With a strong staff and up-to-date equipments, we can conduct any part of the analysis for soil and water environments; soil survey, monitoring and sampling; writing reports, and participating in projects of science and technology transfers.