STT Họ và tên Gender Birth year Academic Degree Organization Regency (Goverment)
1 PHAM THI VIET ANH Female 1971 Dr. DME Staff
2 NGO VAN ANH Female Dr. DET Staff
3 NGO THI TUONG CHAU Female 1973 Assoc. Prof. DSRE Staff
4 HOANG XUAN CO Male 1950 Prof. DEE Staff
5 NGUYEN XUAN CU Male 1952 Prof. DSRE Staff
6 TRAN THIEN CUONG Male 1976 Dr. DESD Deputy head of department
7 LE THI KIM DUNG Female BSc. DET Staff
8 DOAN HOANG GIANG Male 1985 Dr. DEE Staff
9 LE HUONG GIANG Female MSc. DET Staff
11 NGUYEN NGAN HA Female 1983 Dr. DSRE Staff
12 PHAM THI THU HA Female 1977 Dr. DEE Staff
13 NGUYEN THU HA Female 1974 MSc. DEE Staff
14 PHAM THI THU HA Female 1977 Dr. DEE Staff
15 NGUYEN THI HA Female Assoc. Prof. DET Head of Department
16 LUU DUC HAI Male 1953 Assoc. Prof. DME Staff
17 NGUYEN THI HANH Female 1985 Dr. LER Staff
18 PHAM THI HANH Female 1977 BSc. DME Staff
19 DAO THI HOAN Female 1980 MSc. DSRE Staff
20 NGUYEN CHU HOI Male 1952 Assoc. Prof. DME Staff
21 NGUYEN XUAN HUAN Male 1980 MSc. LER Deputy head of Lab.
22 NGUYEN HUU HUAN Male 1972 Dr. LER Head of Lab.
23 PHAM ANH HUNG Male Dr. DESD Staff
24 HUYNH THI HOAI HUONG Female 1985 MSc. LER Staff
25 DO QUANG HUY Male Assoc. Prof. DET Staff
26 NGUYEN MANH KHAI Male Assoc. Prof. DET Dean
27 HOANG ANH LE Male 1977 Dr. DME Head of Department
28 DANG THI HAI LINH Female 1993 MSc. DEE Staff
29 NGUYEN PHUONG LOAN Female 1959 Dr. DEE Staff
30 LUU MINH HOAN Female MSc. DET Staff
31 LUONG MAI LY Female 1983 MSc. DME Staff
32 VU VAN MANH Male 1974 Assoc. Prof. DME Staff
33 NGUYEN NGOC MINH Male 1979 Assoc. Prof. DSRE Head of Department
34 LE DUC MINH Male 1973 Assoc. Prof. DEE Staff
35 TAN THI HUYEN NGA Female Dr. DET Staff
36 PHAM HA NHUNG Female 1989 MSc. DSRE Staff
37 LE THI HOANH OANH Female Dr. DET Staff
39 PHAM VAN QUANG Male 1990 MSc. DSRE Staff
40 TRAN VAN SƠN Male 1986 Dr. LER Staff
41 PHAM HUNG SON Male 1987 MSc. DESD Staff
42 NGUYEN KIEU BANG TAM Female 1972 Assoc. Prof. DEE Deputy head of department
43 PHAM MANH THANG Male 1985 BSc. DME Staff
44 LE VAN THIEN Male 1971 Assoc. Prof. DSRE Vice-Dean
45 TRAN THI TUYET THU Female 1978 Dr. DSRE Staff
46 PHAM THI THUY Female Dr. DET Deputy head of department
47 TRAN VAN THUY Male 1958 Assoc. Prof. DEE Head of Department
49 PHAM THI TU Female 1974 BSc. DME Staff
50 CAI ANH TU Male MSc. DET Staff
51 DO HUU TIAN Male 1982 Dr. DME Vice-Dean
52 LE ANH TUAN Male Dr. DESD Staff
53 NGUYEN QUOC VIET Male 1968 MSc. DSRE Staff


Department of Environment and Sustainable Development DESD
Department of Environmental Technology DET
Department of Environmental Management DEM
Department of Soil Resource and Environment DSRE
Department of Environmental Ecology DEE
Laboratory for Environmental Research (LER) LER